Main Features

  1. 8 Inch IPS full-view HD LCD display, no streaking and delay.
  2. Industrial-grade appearence, IP62, certain outdoor dustproof and waterproof functions.
  3. Standard class 30,000 face matching library, 1:1 recognition rate > 99.97%, 1:N recognition rate > 96.7%, @0.1% false positive rate, living accuracy rate > 98.3%, @1% false rejection rate, recognition speed < 200ms.
  4. Binocular live anti-counterfeiting function, anti-deception such as photos and videos.
  5. Support mask recognition detection, automatic recognition and voice reminder for non-wearing masks.
  6. Industrial grade binocular width dynamic camera, infrared and RGB dual fill light, low light recognition worry-free.
  7. High-performance hardware platform, support RK3288 Quad core, K3399 Six-core and Qualcomm MSM8953 Octa-core processor.
  8. Support body temperature measurement and high temperature alarm, deviation 0.5 for 1 meter long distance body temperature detection, recognition speed less than 0.7 secs without queuing.
  9. Support IC card, Uploading QR code verification functions.
  10. Support multiple API &  SDK docking, complete documentation provided and support secondary development.
  11. Support free PC platform with employee attendance management exporting in excel.

Find Our Specifications

People Techs
Model: IN-C01
CPU: RK3288 Quad core, RAM 2G, The max. main frequency is 1.8GHz
Internal Storage: EMMC 8GB
OS: Android 7.1
OSD Lang.: Support Multi Lang.
Infrared Temp.: Support Human Body temp. detection with accuracy > 99%
Panel Model: 8 inch IPS LCD display
Max Resolution: 800*1280
Camera: Pixel: 200W binocular width dynamic

Type: RGB + IR Infrared

Aperture: 2.0MM

Focal Length: 50 - 150cm
White balance: Automatic
Function Module Interface: Fill-in light: IR, LED FIll Light

Network Module: Support Cable, WIFI
Speaker: Double 8 o 1w
USB Interfaces: 1 USB OTG, 1 USB HOST standard A port
Conventional Performance of Face: Local Office Use: Local 30,000 Face Database

Face Detection: support simultaneous detection and tracking of 5 people

I:N Face Recognition: Supports one-thousandth of the error rate.
Conventional Performance of Face: Stranger Detection: Support.

Recognition Distance Recognition: Support

Remote Upgarde of Equipment: Support

Equipment Interface: Equipment Management, Authority Management.
Infrared Thermal imaging temperature detection: Temperature detection distance: 1 meter, optimal distance: 0.5 meter

Deviation ≤ ±0.5°C

Measurement Range: 10°C ~ 42°C

Thermal imaging field of view: 32 X 32°C

Direct release of normal visitor temp.: Support

Over-temp. alarm Support(body temp.alarm value can be set)
Power Input: DC12V 5A(±10%)
Consumption: 13.5W (Max)
Working Temp.: -10°C~60°C
Storage Temp.: -20°C~60°C
Protection Level: IP62, Certain outdoor dustproof & water proof fuctions.
Installation Mode: Installation of wall mounting bracket, bracket of gate and fixed tripod bracket
Overall Dimension: 238.24*128*21.48(mm)
Weight: 1.45kg (Tripod bracket NOT included)

Different Types of our Product

Type A (Size Information)
Type A (Size Information)
Type B (Desktop Size 298* 396 mm)
Type B (Desktop Size 298* 396 mm)
Type C (283*958 mm)
Type C (283*958 mm)
Type D (283*1460 mm)
Type D (283*1460 mm)